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All of our home inspectors are licensed and certified by the state of Illinois.


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About Us

We are a state licensed and professional real estate inspection services company. Expert Home Inspectors is comprised of a team of highly trained and professional inspectors who are committed to providing detailed, objective home inspections, top notch customer service, and most importantly our team is committed to YOU!

How We Do Inspections

Our approach to home inspections is meticulous and methodical. With an emphasis on providing the best service, we do not populate our schedule with large amounts of clients per day because we like to take our time and be thorough with our inspections. This is to ensure every client gets the attention and top notch service they deserve. We are the Experts and Our Knowledge is Your Power!


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Why Inspections Are Important

Purchasing a home can be a huge risk, take the guesswork and stress out of buying a home by consulting one our Experts. Our inspectors are unbiased; highly customer-service oriented, friendly, meticulous, and will take the guesswork out of the home-purchasing process. Our Experts are vastly knowledgeable and can help you with tips on home maintenance, improving safety, potential future costs that may arrive down the line when purchasing the home, and they can even help improve your negotiating power with the seller with their findings.

Top Reasons To Get An Inspection

Peace Of Mind

Expert Home Inspectors will provide you with a complete understanding of the condition of the house and help you in making an informed decision whether to buy or not.

Risk vs. Reward

All Expert Home Inspectors will usually cost a few hundred dollars, but it could end up saving you thousands.  It is better to be safe than sorry.  It is far better to spend a few hundred dollars on the Home Inspection, rather than hoping for the best and ending up with a home you aren’t satisfied with.

Maintenance Tips

Your Expert Home Inspector has years of experience and a wealth of knowledge. Use this resource to its fullest, ask questions. Your Home Inspector will gladly offer tips, maintenance ideas and give advice on repairs.

Pests & Insects

Pests and rodents such as termites, carpenter ants, and rats can cause terrible damage to a home.  The house you are eyeing may look appealing from the street but underneath it all, these unwelcome guests could be doing thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Structural Issues

Structural issues can be very expensive to fix, and without the trained eyes of a Home Inspector, it is very easy to overlook the problem that will end up costing you more than you planned.  Certain large cracks in the walls, door frames or ceiling, which were quickly explained away by the home seller at the time of mandate signing, might actually turn out to be a serious structural problem, where some handfuls of spackling paste won’t do the trick to make it all go away. A Home Inspection will discover such any potential red flags such as structural issues.


Bypassing a Home Inspection is a financial gamble but it is also a choice that could lead into more serious consequences.  A faulty electrical system that is ignored could easily turn into a fire hazard.  A leaking faucet could turn into hidden mold, causing health problems. Lead paint is found in some homes built before 1978. If the paint job is in good shape—no flaking or peeling—you’re generally in good shape. But if children nibble the paint job or eat paint chips, the health cost could be high. A Home Inspection can help find out what you’re dealing with.

Negotiating Power

Expert Home Inspectors will provide you with a full detailed report outlining any issues with the home.  With this report, you can negotiate with the seller to either fix any issues or adjust the price accordingly.

Future Costs

Knowing the problems that the house has, before buying, will give you a good idea of any costs you may have to deal with in the future.  Our Expert Home Inspectors will be able to diagnose the situation of the individual component or installation, and determine whether maintenance is long overdue, or has been taken care of quite recently.

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Licensed and Certified

All of our home inspectors are licensed and certified by the state of Illinois.

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We are full time home inspectors, this isn't a side gig for us.

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Our PDF reports are detailed and thorough with valuable advice for you.

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We are one of the highest rated home inspectors in the Chicago land area with over 270 reviews and rated 5 stars!

Services We Provide

We inspect commercial and residential properties for customers moving in and around Illinois. It is essential that you carefully inspect a property before moving in so as to detect potential issues, and to ensure that the property is functional and safe. And, there is no better team in Illinois to conduct this inspection than us here at Expert Home Inspectors Inc.

Pre-Listing Inspection for Sellers

Pre-Purchase Inspection for Buyers

New Construction Home Inspections

Multi-Unit Property Inspections

Condo Inspections

Townhouse Home Inspections

Commercial Property Inspections

Mold, Pest, Lead & Radon Recommendations

What Our Experts Inspect


At the time of inspection the roof components include inspection of soffit, eaves, trim, facias, ventilation, framing, gutters, downspouts, skylights, chimneys, flashing, venting systems, and the type of roof construction. We will also check insulation quality, signs of water intrusion, when they will need to be replaced and the number of layers on the roof.


At the time of inspection the plumbing components include inspection of waste pipe materials, inspect drains, leaks, odor, water pressure, sump pumps, ejector pits, noises, waste pipes and vent pipes. We will also inspect all distribution systems including fixtures, drains, faucets, waste, vent systems, main water line material, and main water shut-off valve.


At the time of inspection the appliances included in the inspection are dishwashers, ranges, refrigerators, cooktops, range hoods, ovens, microwaves, garbage disposals, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. We will also check washers and dryers if they remain with the home – no warranties on appliances are given unless otherwise stated. Only those that are operational and able to be tested are inspected.


At the time of inspection the electrical components include inspection of electrical components: circuit breakers, electrical lines, meter box, fuses, bonding, grounding, service amperage, main disconnect, grounding, GFC/AFCI outlets, breakers, sub panels, and the main panel. We will also check exhaust fans, ceiling fans, receptacles, lighting fixtures and make sure that everything is operating properly and safely.


At the time of inspection the garage components include inspection of walls, slab, ceiling, vents, entry, garage door, garage sensors, lights, openers, receptacles, exterior, windows, and roof. If there is an attached garage, our inspector will ensure firewall is present. Periodic safety inspections are recommended to make sure that all garage systems are functional.


House systems are extremely important and usually cost the most to repair or replace. At the time of inspection the system components include inspection of everything from water heaters, heating & cooling systems, furnace, air conditioner, duct work, chimney, fireplace damper door, hearth, fireplace, and boilers are inspected if they are able to be turned on. Our inspector will assess the age and functionality of all the units and advise repair/replacement for every unit.


At the time of inspection the exterior components include inspection of wall covering, landscaping, elevation, grading, driveways, drainage, walkways, fences, trim, fascia, doors, windows, exterior receptacles, lights, sloping, siding, deck, porch, flashing, railings, drainage, patio, and driveway.


At the time of inspection the interior components includes inspection of ceilings, flooring, walls, stairways, railings, doors, windows, countertops, cabinets, insulation, hinges, trim, fireplaces, and ventilation. We will also check for any evidence of water penetration, signs of possible asbestos, mold, pest & termite activity, and lead based material.


At the time of inspection the structural components include inspection of walls, ceilings, floors, cracks in foundation and roof, damage to the structure, horizontal cracks vs parallel cracks, condition of foundation, condition of crawl space, and condition of basement. We also look for any evidence of roof leaks, attic fires, mold, asbestos, termites, lead, basement dampness and water intrusions.

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