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Purchasing a home does not have to be stressful. We believe in educating and empowering our clients, and protecting their investment before closing! Whether it is newly built, or an older house on the market, don’t get overwhelmed after closing by deficiencies in the home, because you did not get an inspection. Better to spend a couple hundred dollars on an inspection and know what you are getting into, rather than buy a property without an inspection only to find thousands of dollars in deficiencies after closing.

We make it easy for you to have all the facts, fast! Our inspection reports are meticulously crafted, highly detailed, easy to read and understand, and delivered to you within the Same-Day!

Feel free to take a look at our sample reports which can be found under our pricing.

The Process During An Inspection

Your local Expert Home Inspector will arrive punctually to the site, and will contact you upon arrival. You are also invited to join the Expert throughout the process!

Our inspector will spend several hours at the site, detailing, photographing, and preparing a comprehensive, easy to read, inspection report, with all found deficiencies. Diagrams and photos will be included, laid out in an appealing easy to read and understand narrative-style and computer generated presentation.Once the inspector has completed the report, he will answer any questions and address any concerns you may have. Our report will be sent to you the SAME-DAY GUARANTEED!

We are proud to serve our customers with the utmost courtesy and respect. Our excellent reputation is built upon superior customer service and providing our unparalleled technical expertise. Come see an Expert today and see why our knowledge is your power in the home-buying process!

Services We Provide

We inspect commercial and residential properties for customers moving in and around Illinois. It is essential that you carefully inspect a property before moving in so as to detect potential issues, and to ensure that the property is functional and safe. And, there is no better team in Illinois to conduct this inspection than us here at Expert Home Inspectors Inc.

Pre-Listing Inspection for Sellers

Normally, during a property sale, the buyers are usually the ones to order a home inspection. But, as a seller, we can also help you run a professional assessment of your home before you put it on the market.

Expert Home Inspectors Inc.’s pre-listing inspection service provides you the seller with information about the condition of your property, giving your control over repairs, and ensuring you strengthen your negotiating position.

Pre-Purchase Inspection for Buyers

If you are purchasing a property in Illinois, then you need us. It is essential that you carefully inspect that property before purchasing, so as to detect potential issues, and to ensure that the property is functional and safe. And, there is no better team in Illinois to conduct this inspection than us here at Expert Home Inspectors Inc.

Our pre-purchase inspection report would be like a written account of the condition of that property you are purchasing. We’d tell you if there are any defects on the property like a faulty roof, cracks in the walls, rising damp, or bad plumbing.

Commercial Property Inspections

Inspecting commercial buildings is our specialty. When you invest in a large commercial real estate property, inspection needs to be done to identify deferred maintenance issues or immediate repairs. Due to the size of commercial buildings, it is imperative that ensure that you have no surprises. That’s why we take our commercial property inspection services so seriously here at Expert Home Inspectors Inc.

During our inspection, we check the pavement systems, electrical panels and wiring, plumbing fixtures and piping, HVAC systems, tenant improvements, building envelope, roof condition, drainage, site grading, irrigation, landscape, ADA accessibility, elevators and conveyance systems, and the entire building structure and foundation.

Multi-Unit Property Inspections

Investing in multi-unit buildings can be great. And if you want to realize a lot of profit, you must try to grab the lowest purchase price and avoid future costs as well. This is achievable by employing the services of a professional inspection company like ours.

Large or multi-unit properties usually have more issues and defects because they have more occupants than the smaller, singular units. That is why this service is important. You need to have all the information you can get before investing in a commercial property.

Our multi-unit property inspections can place you in a powerful position during the process of negotiating. We carefully access the property, and provide a detailed report at every inspection that would contain all the details about potential maintenance needs and issues.

Condo Inspections

Just like purchasing a regular house, condos can be quite expensive. So proper inspection and evaluation of the condition of the property need to be done before any purchase is made. Here at Expert Home Inspectors Inc., we use a thorough inspection protocol to evaluate and spot any defect or issue that the condo unit could have.

You can count on our experience, and rest assured that every element of the unit will be analyzed. From the unit’s exterior cladding to the deck and the interior systems, we would check it all. Our condo inspection service will provide a clearer view of the condition of the unit.

Townhouse Home Inspections

There’s a general belief that inspecting a townhouse is far easier that inspecting a single or multi-unit, due to the fact it takes less time and uncovers fewer defects. This is absolutely not true.

Townhouses are even trickier to inspect because they are both independent and dependent on the other buildings in a complex. For instance, the firewalls and roof systems are shared between two units. Here at Expert Home Inspectors Inc., we offer inspection services for townhouses. We check the kitchens, bathrooms, site conditions, basements, plumbing, laundry facilities, balconies, porches, decks, fireplaces, garages, exterior doors and windows, foundations, HVAC systems, electricals, interior walls, ceilings and floors, and the entire structure.

New Construction Home Inspections

A lot of people tend to think that inspections on a new construction property are unnecessary since the property was built from scratch and not had any occupants. What could be broken, they think.

Well, here at Expert Home Inspectors Inc., we provide valuable insights into the construction of the property, ensuring that costly future repairs are prevented in the process. This service helps detect common issues such as window links, plumbing issues, foundation cracks, poor framing, HVAC issues, or electrical problems.

Mold, Pest, Lead & Radon Recommendations

We do not only inspect residential or commercial properties, however. We also inspect for molds, pests, leads, and radon. There are some molds that would not be so visible but would have their smell in the air. To be able to locate where the mold is and determine if it is an elevated one, you would need a mold inspection.

This also goes for pests, leads, and radon. Radon, especially, which can cause cancer and is very harmful to occupants needs to be discovered.

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