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Who Are The Experts?

Expert Home Inspectors Inc. is an Illinois based full-service home and Real Estate Inspection Company. Since our inception, we have provided customers and clients in the Illinois urban and rural areas with the best commercial and residential inspection services.

Our professionally trained inspectors can do all sorts of inspection, from home inspection to mold inspection, carbon monoxide tests, pest inspection and other inspection services.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority here at Expert Home Inspectors Inc., so we try our best always to see that our services not only meet but exceed customer expectations.

Whether you are selling, buying, or maintaining a property, you should not sign any paperwork until all precautions are taken. Ensure that you hire our services to inspect the property first, and you wouldn’t regret it.

We inspect the roofing, plumbing, electricals, garage, appliances, house systems, interiors, exteriors, and the entire structure of the commercial or residential property you are moving into.

Why Choose Us?

We always want to provide honest and unique real estate inspection at very affordable prices. We also want to provide supplemental tests and services to help our customers solve their real estate concerns.

We have vastly knowledgeable professionals that would assist you with tips on potential future costs that may come after you purchase that commercial or residential property, improving safety, and home maintenance. The findings by our experts can even help you improve your negotiating power with the seller.

We access every property we inspect quickly and accurately, and provide a detailed report at every inspection. This inspection report would contain all the details about potential maintenance needs and issues, as well as help you negotiate better before you purchase that property.

Our Mission

We are a licensed Illinois home inspection company, with inspectors available throughout the greater Chicago and suburban areas. When you deal with Expert Home Inspectors, you are dealing with our knowledgeable, friendly staff whose goals are to provide you with a comprehensive and complete understanding of the home you plan to purchase. Our eagle-eyed inspectors value your time and your desire for excellent and accurate work, all delivered within a timely manner.

Purchasing a home can be a huge risk, take the guesswork and stress out of buying a home by consulting one our Experts. Our inspectors are unbiased; highly customer-service oriented, friendly, meticulous, and will take the guesswork out of the home-purchasing process. Our Experts are vastly knowledgeable and can help you with tips on home maintenance, improving safety, potential future costs that may arrive down the line when purchasing the home, and they can even help improve your negotiating power with the seller with their findings.

We invite you to contact us and join us at the home inspection. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have, and we will even offer to contact your agent or the seller’s agent and explain any deficiencies, only with your permission, found on the report and why they are listed. Our Reputation is built on educating our clients, informing them of every detail of the home they want inspected, and providing exceptional, unparalleled customer service. Let us take the stress out of buying a home, contact our Experts today! Because Our Knowledge is Your Power!

Services We Provide

We inspect commercial and residential properties for customers moving in and around Illinois. It is essential that you carefully inspect a property before moving in so as to detect potential issues, and to ensure that the property is functional and safe. And, there is no better team in Illinois to conduct this inspection than us here at Expert Home Inspectors Inc.

Pre-Listing Inspection for Sellers

Pre-Purchase Inspection for Buyers

New Construction Home Inspections

Multi-Unit Property Inspections

Condo Inspections

Townhouse Home Inspections

Commercial Property Inspections

Mold, Pest, Lead & Radon Recommendations

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